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R75 Shape

Each hand-built Arai helmet shell incorporates a continuous curve radius of at least 75mm, making our shells round, smooth and strong. There are no exaggerated protrusions or hard sharp angles in the shell. This aspect is a foundational basis for Arai shells, which we call R75. This R75 characteristic describes a shell shape that is rounder and smoother, which is better suited to deal with the unpredictable nature of impacts coming from any direction. It also mitigates rotational energy, which we call M.O.R.E.  (Mitigation of Rotational Energy). By focusing on R75, Arai gives you M.O.R.E.!

The Snell Foundation helmet test standard has been highly respected in the industry for more than 60 years. The test, influenced by actual accident data, is performed above a specified test line. Note the similarity of Arai’s R75 “Round, Smooth, and Strong” engineering standards to the Snell requirements for a strong helmet shell. That is a baseline for us—the starting line if you will.

*The R75 shape is one of our in-house criteria. It does not apply to areas below the test line, attachment areas of shields and ventilation ducts.